Friday, October 4, 2013

Watertown: February 2, 1959

Went to school today – everybody asked me if I had a good time and all that at Sioux Falls. The kids are really nice and thoughtful. Pete told me that Daniel kept calling my house yesterday and he really missed me. And he was really serious, too. Daniel was kind of nice to me today, although he certainly didn't go out of his way – and neither did I. He talked to me in the halls after school, and sorta leaned on me and was real friendly. But he doesn't act like himself at all – he’s so quiet. Loretta told me tonight that she heard from a few people that Pete said Daniel said he was thinking of breaking up after the Tuck Formal. It’s all over the school. I guess he’s been thinking of it since Christmas. I know why he could, when we had all those fights and stuff. But after he told me he loved me and all, I don’t see how he could – unless he’s just giving me a line, which I wouldn't doubt at all. But the funny part is, I’m not sad at all. I guess I just don’t care very much.

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