Friday, October 4, 2013

Watertown: February 6, 1959

I think Daniel kind of liked me today. I wore a real cute outfit and was in a real good mood. After the game tonight we went to the dance. I know he didn't want to take me, but I almost made him. And oh – we had so much fun! I never even dreamed it was possible with him anymore. Sometimes he held me tight when we were dancing, with both arms around me (right in public, too!) Oh, I nearly died! And we held hands nearly all the time. But it was afterwards that was most unbelievable! He put his arms around me in the car (I was sitting by him – and he didn't have to tell me this time!) then we drove out south of town and parked. First we sat there and necked awhile. I didn't say anything at first, but then when he started other stuff, I thought I’d better quickly. We didn't actually get much accomplished – we mostly just talked about that he wanted to so bad and why wouldn't I! He told me he loved me again. I love to hear it. He hardly ever says it, so I know it’s precious to him when he does. But I don’t really believe him – I think it’s mostly just part of the sales talk. But what a sales talk! When he whispers all that in my ear, “Please, Julie” and “I love you” and “Darling” I get so dizzy and excited and nauseated. I almost can’t stand it. When we came home, we stood out in front of my door, facing each other, and he had his arms around me – it was so romantical! He kept saying that someday I’d give in – but he didn't think it would be to him, because he doesn't have the technique. My lord – if he doesn't have it, I’d sure hate to meet up with someone who does! I told him if it was ever anybody, it would be him. He doesn't think so. He told me to put my nun doll where I can see it every day – and have it for my model, so I never forget. That was so funny.

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