Friday, October 4, 2013

Watertown: February 7, 1959

Tonight was the Tuck Formal. Oh, it was about the most wonderful time I've ever had in my life!! I had the most beautiful flowers – a colonial, and we took loads of pictures. Daddy had to push us at first, because Daniel’s car wouldn't start. Nice. We went to Colleen and Sharee’s cake parties. The Grand March was so scary, and Daddy took pictures of us and embarrassed us to death. Then the dance – oh, it was the most wonderful! We had dance programs. The first part was kind of icky – I danced with some freaks. But then I started dancing with Jim Baker, Mud, Dan, and Duffy, and of course Daniel in between all those. It was so much fun! Then afterwards we went out to the Flamingo and had steak dinners. Daniel was smoking and he looked so sophisticated. We danced some more out there. Then we finally left. Jim just kept us in stitches – he’s so funny (and he forgot to pay his bill). Those two started making out – and this was their first date. And Jim doesn't even like her – I wish Sharee would learn a lesson.

Well then we went out and parked. Oh, I loved Daniel so much, and I could have just screamed, and I wanted to tell him so much. But he didn't tell me, so I couldn't. He was so quiet all night, and I just wonder whether or not he had a good time. He sure kissed me nice, though, but then he can do that easily enough. I sure hope he did because I love him so much.

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