Friday, October 4, 2013

Watertown: February 8, 1959

Boy, today did I ever get a scare. Daniel didn't call all day, so finally I got the car and drove around. I found his car at the show. Oh, I was so mad. He sure doesn't care much about me. So I went and got Loretta. She was in a sad mood, too, because Keith really was in town last night. When I took her home, we left a note in Daniel’s car. It said: ‘You cute neglectful slob! Call me after 5:30 if you've still got a dime.” Well, he called once, but hung up before I got to the phone. So finally, I called him and asked him to our P.F. party. He gave a whole bunch of weak excuses why he didn't want to go, so I hung up. Boy, that really seemed like the end. I cried so hard, and everything just burned inside me and there was static in my ears. So now I've got a sample of how I’ll feel when he really does leave me. Well, a little while later he called back and said he’d decided he would go. (Boy, I've sure got the knack for pressuring ‘em!) Oh, I was so happy then I forgot everything. And then I nearly died of nervousness before they (Julain and Nick) picked me up. I’m so crazy in love with that guy I can’t see straight. The party was quite fun. We played games – in rhythm everybody would kid us because we always missed at the same time and got to sit together. Then we danced a little and ate. Afterwards we drove around (we were in the back seat) and he kissed me quite a bit, but he didn't really throw himself into it. But then, he really is tired. But at the door, he really kissed me – twice! Oh man, I’m gone!!!!

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