Saturday, September 7, 2013

Watertown: January 25, 1959

Today was Youth Sunday and I was at church from 8:30 – 12 this morning and 6 – 9 tonight. But it was really good. I sang in a sextette this morning and tonight we had our Banquet to Youth. Everything was really good – the best Youth Sunday I think we've ever had. This afternoon Sharee picked me up and we rode around all afternoon. We picked up Buzz Roethler, a neat college guy she kind of goes with. Daniel was at the show – that kind of ticked me off, because I didn't think he had any money – and he’s supposed to save it anyway. I’m keeping our money for the Tuck Formal – because otherwise he’ll spend it. This afternoon, Russ Lunde gave me three cents and Buzz gave me two cents. That was supposed to go toward our Tuck collection. But so far we only have twenty dollars. We should do a lot that night. Daniel called me up today – he was at Pete’s. I didn't see him all day. I like him real well, but sometimes I wish we weren't going steady so I could go with other boys.

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