Saturday, September 7, 2013

Watertown: January 26, 1959

Today was nice – nothing spectacular, but just fun and nice. Daniel and I got along real well, and laughed all the time. A new girl, Phyllis Keating, moved here from Sioux Falls, and boy, the boys really rushed her – including Daniel. Every time she looked at him, he smiled so sweetly, and it just made me sick! It would have been funny, except for the fact that he’s my boyfriend! Oh well, he paid a lot of attention to me, too, and boy, I smothered him with it. This afternoon, Susan and I walked home, sat and talked and ate everything in sight. We’re getting all ready to go to Sioux Falls next weekend. Man, that’ll be a riot!!

Tonight, Daniel and I talked on the phone three times. He’s such a nut. I just love him. I really liked him a lot today – more than I have for over a week. Every time I looked at him or thought of him, my stomach just went wild. I felt sick most of the day. I haven’t done that for ages. Nice.

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