Saturday, September 7, 2013

Watertown: January 24, 1959

Today Loretta and I went down and timed some debates for the speech tournament. Afterwards, Daniel picked me up and we drove around. Then he came up to my house and we horsed around for a while. Tonight we went to the turkey supper at our church, and he had the car afterwards. We went out and parked, but he started in right away, and I wasn't in any mood for that, so we came home. Nobody was home, but he had to leave right away anyway to get down to the pool hall. About twenty minutes later he came back with such a dumb excuse, that I just loved him. We sat on the couch and necked a while and watched TV, and he said, “Just think what it would be like if we were married.” Believe me, I was. Then Mom and Dad came home.  We sat and talked to Daddy ‘til 11:30. It was such a nice night – I wish we were married – just for the night. But at least he’s serious about us having a chance of getting married – but not me – I know we won’t, and can’t even imagine it. But it sure would be nice.

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