Monday, July 8, 2013

Watertown: January 23, 1959

Tonight we went to the dance – and had quite a bit of fun – although we really didn't know quite what to say to each other. Afterwards, he drove straight home, got out and opened the door for me, and walked me to the door. I didn't know what he was pulling off – so I didn't say anything. He tried to kiss me goodnight, but I wouldn't let him. Then he told me to call him the next day. I said “no” and started walking in the house. Then he started laughing and picked me up and carried me back to the car. It was all a big joke, but I wasn't too amused at the time. Well, then we went out and parked, as usual. And of course, he had to have his hands where they shouldn't be – and how. He’s getting just a little too familiar, I think. But still, it was terribly romantical. Especially when he whispered, “Julie – Julie, I love you” or “Oh, gosh.” He sounds so pained when he says that. Gad, it just gets me. Then we started telling jokes and got ourselves all out of the mood. A while later, we were talking about it, and he kept insisting I was hot. It’s so hard to believe and actually say it. We’re pretty much in love again – it sure came back fast. But I don’t love him half as much as I used to. I wish I did – this isn't as thrilling.

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