Monday, July 8, 2013

Watertown: January 21, 1959

Oh, I’m so mad, I could just spit! Today was Daniel’s and my second anniversary, and he didn't even remember or say anything about it. And I’ll be darned if I’ll bring it up again like I did the last time. If he doesn't care even that much about it, I’m not going to keep reminding him. He didn't pay hardly any attention to me tonight, either. We had the first night of Kapers tonight and we were together quite a bit, considering. But he had the car and didn't even ask if I wanted a ride or how I was going home. So I went home with my folks. Disgusting. At first when I got home I cried a little because he didn't even remember, but now I can’t think of anything to cry for. I don’t like him at all – and I’m ready to quit anytime. And I’m not even sad at all…

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