Monday, July 8, 2013

Watertown: January 18, 1959

Today Daniel came up and he kept flirting around with Sue – as usual. I got mad and left, but pretty soon he came back, we made up, and went out and parked (natch). It seems like that’s all we ever want to do. He was really moody all day, and I just don’t know how to act when he’s like that. So – like tonight, I made him mad. Sharee,  Irma, Mary Tokin and I found the fellas and had a party at Tokins’. There was Daniel, John Diblon, Bob Hegstrom, and Pete Foley. Sharee and Bob, Daniel and I sat in the living room and made out, only I just wasn't in a serious mood, and would hardly let Daniel do anything, and just sat and laughed. He got terribly mad, but I couldn't help it. Then I was flirting with the other guys something terrible – in fact, we were almost making out. Bob – wooo!! That didn't help Daniel any, either. Then we left and drove around a while. They were just picking on Sharee something terrible, but they seemed to like me pretty well. Oh, and John kept saying he was going to take me home last, because we live so close together. Ha. I was the last girl they took home, and then it was only because I asked them to. For finishing touches, I said, “Goodnight Bob, dear, and Peter, dear, and John, dear.” Then at the door, after Daniel kissed me goodnight, I said, “Goodnight Daniel, dear.” Oh – he just had a fit. Man, did I have a ball!!!

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