Monday, July 1, 2013

Watertown: January 16, 1959 (Friday)

Oh, tonight was the most wonderful night in ages!! All the girls, it seemed like, were having trouble getting their guys to ask them to the dance – especially me! When Daniel finally did bring it up, he said he didn't have enough money to take me. Big laugh – it’s only a dime extra. Well, anyway, I made plans to go stay with the girls. Then he finally started leading up to asking me, I told him no, I was going with the girls, and left. So anyway, there were about twelve of us in the car. It was a scream! At the dance, the first one I danced with was Paul Drenkow. That made Daniel mad, so he started dancing with every girl in sight. So did I – with every boy I could manage to get to ask me to dance! I only danced with Daniel six times. We called it our stag night. I danced with just billions of boys and had a ball! Then he would ask me if I was mad, and when I wasn't, he was sorta disappointed. He’s always just trying to make me jealous. And he said the reason he wasn't dancing with me much was because he didn't want to ask me home, because he knew then he would break his promise (about Feb. 7). But at the end he came and asked me if I wanted a ride home. I said, No, I was going with the girls. So we all piled in and went out to the Pine Tree. Everybody was out there – including HIM, so I talked to him quite a while. Then he asked me again to go home with him, so this time I did. We parked out in front of our house, and I was flirting with him like mad, trying to get him to kiss me and break his promise. He started to so many times, but never did. Then finally he drove out onto this neat little back road, stopped, and really broke his promise! Man – like WOW! Oh, it was so romantical! Then we sat and did some serious necking – boy, I was really keyed up. I let him get by with a little, because I didn't want to wreck it. He kept whispering in my ear, “Julie, I love you” or “Oh, Julie” ‘til I nearly went wild – with joy. And he kept telling me I was so sweet and such a doll, and all that. Quite a night for speeches. And I told him the same stuff, so we decided we belong to a “Mutual Admiration Society.” Oh, it was so wonderful and romantic, and I’m so crazy in love with him. Then he also told me that he had more fun tonight then he ever had with Barbara. Sweet and touching. I was glad though. Also he told me of the two promises he broke – the Feb. 7th one and the one he made to himself that he would never tell a girl he loved her until he was twenty-one. So I know he’s pretty sincere about it. Oh, he’s just fabulous, and I’m the most lucky girl in the world!!!!!

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