Monday, July 1, 2013

Watertown: January 14, 1959

Didn't do much today – went to school. I’m getting such lousy grades lately. Of course, I never put myself out studying. Everybody is getting so excited about the Tuck Formal. We’re doubling with Jim Baker and Sharee Glaze, I think. It should be an absolute ball. I talked to Daniel for a long time after school – it seems like I’m always with him and we’re always talking. It seems funny that we never get tired of each other.

Yesterday I was reading this little book about sex – and really found out some things I didn't know – I was really embarrassed reading it! Gad! And then Sunday night, Daniel was telling me some more stuff I didn't know. I've been leading a very sheltered life! He said that Saturday night he was starting to get hot. Gad, I about died. And then he said I was, too, and I was sorta embarrassed but I know I was. It’s a good thing we quit when we did, though. Sunday Daniel was also telling me ways to get a boy hot – like running your fingers through their hair, rubbing the back of his neck or his leg. I do those all the time – and I never realized at all what I was doing. I’ll have to be more careful.

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