Saturday, September 7, 2013

Watertown: January 30, 1959

Today, Susan and I came down to Sioux Falls, and Daniel never did say goodbye to me. We had loads of fun on the bus – we ate so much we were nearly sick. When we got here, we met Carol and her friends, Donna, Kay, and Judith. I just love them. We went to the game, which was so close, but we finally lost 60 – 54. Oh, I’ve never cried or sworn so much in my life. It just smashed all our hopes. Then we went to the dance, but didn’t do anything there. Then we got a bunch of boys and had a pizza party. It was really quite fun – and the boys are sure neat! Especially Ronnie Parks, Chuck Happ, and Mike Dykstera (who I might have a date with – I hope.) After they left, we had a slumber party. We stayed up talking – and right now it’s after 5:30 AM and we haven’t gone to sleep yet. I’m not even tired. Those boys sure are neat, but I still like Daniel.

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