Saturday, September 7, 2013

Watertown: January 31, 1959

Today we just had a ball! We slept ‘til noon, and then went downtown. Oh, they have the nicest stores here! We ran around the revolving doors and up and down the escalators like a bunch of country hicks. Susan said, “This is better than any playground,” and we nearly died laughing. I found some darling shoes, but when I went to get them, they were gone. I was so mad. We rode around and saw the whole town, too. Then we went to the show. We sat in the top row of the balcony, because Sue and I had never seen a show balcony before. So there we sat among the neckers. The show was real sad, and Carol and I were quietly crying, when Susan started sobbing real loud. It was so funny, we started laughing and crying at the same time. Everybody looked at us and we felt like fools. It was just a ball. Then we came home and had a whole bunch of pizza. I just love it. Then we went to bed – but talked for hours. In fact, it’s almost four now, and we’re still not done.

Watertown: January 30, 1959

Today, Susan and I came down to Sioux Falls, and Daniel never did say goodbye to me. We had loads of fun on the bus – we ate so much we were nearly sick. When we got here, we met Carol and her friends, Donna, Kay, and Judith. I just love them. We went to the game, which was so close, but we finally lost 60 – 54. Oh, I’ve never cried or sworn so much in my life. It just smashed all our hopes. Then we went to the dance, but didn’t do anything there. Then we got a bunch of boys and had a pizza party. It was really quite fun – and the boys are sure neat! Especially Ronnie Parks, Chuck Happ, and Mike Dykstera (who I might have a date with – I hope.) After they left, we had a slumber party. We stayed up talking – and right now it’s after 5:30 AM and we haven’t gone to sleep yet. I’m not even tired. Those boys sure are neat, but I still like Daniel.

Watertown: January 28, 1959

This morning, Daniel asked me to the TAP Dance next Saturday, but I’ll be in Sioux Falls so I can’t go. This afternoon he told me he had asked Mary Tesek to it. I was kind of mad at first, but really, I didn’t care at all. As it turned out, he hasn’t really asked her yet. We were over at Roger’s Dairy with a bunch of boys, Mud, Steve, etc, and he demanded his ring back. I gave it to him, and then didn’t pay any attention to him and went with the other boys. Pretty soon he gave it back. Tonight we went to the school and worked on our cloud chamber. We had loads of fun in the shop, and all the teachers were so nice and complimentary to me today. Afterwards, Daniel and I went out and parked (natch). It was fun, but we didn’t neck much at all – just talked. We talked about loving each other, and he remembered better than I did when he had told me. He said he had meant it most of the times. He also remembered that I had never told him. I really don’t know if I do or not, but I think it’s just that I like him a lot.

Watertown: January 27, 1959

Today was real nice, too. Daniel was real nice and sweet. He wore the sweater I gave him. Nothing important happened. Pete Foley gave Sheila and I a ride home from school, and of course, Daniel knew about it right away. Everybody sure keeps him posted – I can’t do a thing. He was so sweet and attentive – and sort of quiet. Whenever we walk together, he always sort of puts his arm around my waist – sorta like he’s protecting me or something! Oh, it’s so romantical! It just sends me! I’m getting to like him better every day. He’s so much fun. I didn't do a thing tonight except listen to records. Susan came over, and I talked to Daniel. I just wish everything would stay like this for a long time.

Watertown: January 26, 1959

Today was nice – nothing spectacular, but just fun and nice. Daniel and I got along real well, and laughed all the time. A new girl, Phyllis Keating, moved here from Sioux Falls, and boy, the boys really rushed her – including Daniel. Every time she looked at him, he smiled so sweetly, and it just made me sick! It would have been funny, except for the fact that he’s my boyfriend! Oh well, he paid a lot of attention to me, too, and boy, I smothered him with it. This afternoon, Susan and I walked home, sat and talked and ate everything in sight. We’re getting all ready to go to Sioux Falls next weekend. Man, that’ll be a riot!!

Tonight, Daniel and I talked on the phone three times. He’s such a nut. I just love him. I really liked him a lot today – more than I have for over a week. Every time I looked at him or thought of him, my stomach just went wild. I felt sick most of the day. I haven’t done that for ages. Nice.

Watertown: January 25, 1959

Today was Youth Sunday and I was at church from 8:30 – 12 this morning and 6 – 9 tonight. But it was really good. I sang in a sextette this morning and tonight we had our Banquet to Youth. Everything was really good – the best Youth Sunday I think we've ever had. This afternoon Sharee picked me up and we rode around all afternoon. We picked up Buzz Roethler, a neat college guy she kind of goes with. Daniel was at the show – that kind of ticked me off, because I didn't think he had any money – and he’s supposed to save it anyway. I’m keeping our money for the Tuck Formal – because otherwise he’ll spend it. This afternoon, Russ Lunde gave me three cents and Buzz gave me two cents. That was supposed to go toward our Tuck collection. But so far we only have twenty dollars. We should do a lot that night. Daniel called me up today – he was at Pete’s. I didn't see him all day. I like him real well, but sometimes I wish we weren't going steady so I could go with other boys.

Watertown: January 24, 1959

Today Loretta and I went down and timed some debates for the speech tournament. Afterwards, Daniel picked me up and we drove around. Then he came up to my house and we horsed around for a while. Tonight we went to the turkey supper at our church, and he had the car afterwards. We went out and parked, but he started in right away, and I wasn't in any mood for that, so we came home. Nobody was home, but he had to leave right away anyway to get down to the pool hall. About twenty minutes later he came back with such a dumb excuse, that I just loved him. We sat on the couch and necked a while and watched TV, and he said, “Just think what it would be like if we were married.” Believe me, I was. Then Mom and Dad came home.  We sat and talked to Daddy ‘til 11:30. It was such a nice night – I wish we were married – just for the night. But at least he’s serious about us having a chance of getting married – but not me – I know we won’t, and can’t even imagine it. But it sure would be nice.