Tuesday, June 25, 2013

January 1, 1959

Dear Diary,

I’m just going to continue this on from the old diary – if I ever do get it written. Today we got up real late (slept at Woodwards – Carol, Susan, and me) and didn’t have any clothes down there except our party dresses. So we put our jackets over our pajamas and came home in our heels and stuff. Crazy, man. Daniel came up this afternoon and we all went over to Ruth’s to help her get ready for her party tonight. But Daniel and I just sat and held hands on the couch and talked. It was so sweet and wonderful. The first part of the party tonight we had quite fun, but then we just started arguing over the silliest things, and pretty  soon we both got mad, and then weren't together half the time. But at the end there were only a few couples left, and he apologized and everything. Then all the lights went out and we sat on the couch and necked a little. Oh, I loved him so much then. But when we got out in the car, he changed completely again. It was kind of funny – Carol and Gary, Dan and I, took turns watching each other. Then Daniel was showing how Burt Lancaster kissed. It was really funny – but I knew he wasn't really sincere in wanting to kiss me and it ruined the whole night.

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