Wednesday, June 26, 2013

January 9, 1959

Today Daniel and I kept looking at each other and then we’d start laughing, just remembering the crazy night last night. I think it meant a lot to him, too. But I know I sure like him a lot now. The Juniors went to South Shore this afternoon. Sure missed him (Daniel). Tonight we went down to the game with Karbas (at Huron). There was Loretta, Irma, Mary Ann, Colleen, Mary Kay, and me. It was an absolute riot! All except for the game. It was so close and terribly exciting all the way. At the end we were one point behind with three seconds to go. Tom McGrann shot a long one that bounced off the rim. Oh, everybody was crying so hard (including me.) Afterwards we formed a double line for the team to walk through to the bus, and we were yelling cheers and everything. I think we've got the most school spirit of any school, and we’re really proud of it. The players were all crying afterwards, too. They’re all such wonderful guys. We’re really proud of ‘em. We will beat Huron next time – and at the tournament! I think our team really deserves it.

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