Tuesday, June 25, 2013

January 5, 1959

School today – oh I hate it! It’s so utterly boring. And I loved it so before Christmas. Now all the subjects I used to love, I hate. I’m taking Band, Advanced Algebra, Speech, German, Chemistry, and History. Daniel is in three classes, so that’s not so bad. Oh, he was extra friendly today. He would put his arm around my waist or some sweet thing like that all the time. The girl next to me in history just got engaged, and I was trying on her diamond. I held it up for Daniel to see, and he about fell over. He couldn't figure it out. I was up in the physics lab and after school he came up. He sat there trying to get fresh and suggesting not the nicest things in the world. The same old Daniel again – the Daniel I know likes me. And how I like him! Had Job’s tonight. My first time as Honored Queen. Not so bad – I got all the attention. Daniel called tonight. He might go to the Inaugural Ball at Pierre tomorrow night with Judy Gilman. Hope he doesn't  but I don’t care if he does – I know he’ll be true. We made a date tonight for June 7. Can’t wait!

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